Mala Beads for Meditation:

These beautiful mala beads have been lovingly hand crafted, where every bead has been gifted the intention to connect us with Mother Earth.


I've created them to support our pregnant mummas and encourage them to take time every day to 'be' with their babe within. It's ok to stop what you're doing to connect and focus on your journey into parenthood. In fact it's darn right good for you both.


With your mala with 108 beads, meditation and an affirmation or mantra that's right for you, you'll be set help your brain overcome fears or blockages you may be experiencing and set up a pathway to a more peaceful, natural birth


Message me the colour of the gemstone when you order so I know which mala you're after.


We all know wheat packs are amazing.  They are a fabulous way to get warmth onto our bodies and ease aches and pains.


In birth they’re a great tool to help lessen the feeling of contractions as you trick your body into feeling the heat of the pack over the underlying sensations of contractions.

Birthing Remedy Kits:

The Selene Birthing Remedy Kit contains 12 remedies in pillule form.


I recommend families have a homeopathy birthing remedy kit in their kete as a way of supporting women through the phases of childbirth, especially when they are facing the most challenging and intense moments that can exert them both physically and emotionally.

Postnatal Remedy Kits:

The Selene Postnatal Remedy Kit contains 6 remedies in pillule form.


I recommend families have a homeopathy postnatal remedy kit in their kete as a way of supporting women through the 4th trimester as their body adjusts from pregnancy to life with a wee baby.


Women use breastpumps for different reasons.  Many mums use breastpumps to continue breastfeeding after they return to work or to stimulate lactation if there is a low milk supply or if they have a premature or unwell baby.


A breastpump may be used to relieve engorgement or continue feeding a baby breast milk even if for some reason the baby does not latch properly for direct breastfeeding.


I sell Unimom breastpumps as a way of supporting breastfeeding in our community.


I am a trained La Leche League Peer Counsellor and have a passion for helping breastfeeding mums and their families.  Mums and dads purchasing pumps from me will receive good support and advise, that will help in their feeding journey.

The pump accessories are just a small number of the parts I stock.  If there's something you're after and it's not listed, please ask for the price and it's availability and I'll get back to you.

I often don't add a courier fee for breastpumps if I need to order a product specifically for you.  So generally the prices are as stated, with no further shipping added.

Breastfeeding - Empowering Parents By Dr Jack Newman:

Dr Jack Newman shares his expertise and experience in this book which is filled with his approaches to support breastfeeding as well as preventing and treating problems if they have already occurred.  These approaches work because they have been tested for over 45 years of combined experience and with over 30,000 mothers and their babies.

Wee Wooden Teethers:

Fabulous natural wooden teethers for wee hands. Message me which teether you're after and I'll be in touch.

If you are interested on one of these products, please inquire through the Contact page.

Another great way to purchase one of these items is via a Gift Card.  Check out how to buy a HB Doulas Gift Card here.