This double sided innovative and more compactly designed electric breastpump is ideal for part time use:

  • Single or double pumping options
  • Ideal for mums who are not exclusively pumping and who need a portable, compact machine with powerful suction
  • Fully closed hygenic back flow protection system
  • LCD display and 7 levels of massage modes and 9 levels of expressing modes
  • 360 degree swivel top to prevent airtube bending and suction loss
  • Inbuilt rechargable battery and USB charge port
  • 2hrs of portable pumping time and 1hr 45mins to charge
  • BPA free!


Simply turn it on, leave it on massage mode for the first 2 minutes, turning the level up to where is comfortable.

Once let down is achieved, switch to expression mode and turn the level up to where is comfortable. Once your milk flow slows down, you can change back to massage mode to try and achieve another let down. 


Check out Unimom's latest YouTube clip here showcasing the Minuet pump.

Unimom Minuet Breastpump