These mala is my take on traditional mala which are called mala beads, Buddhist beads or Buddhist prayer beads and have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism for centuries.


Mala beads are useful when practicing yoga, meditation or to quieten a busy mind and to focus on your pregnancy and your labour and birth.

Malas are a strand of 108 beads used for keeping count during affirmation or mantra meditations.


This mala is made from wooden and glass beads and gemstones.

Mala used during pregnancy is a way to call on the strength and love of all of the women who have come before us.  Adding your mala to the birthing altar is a good reminder to do daily affirmation or mantra.


This quiet time of meditation offers an opportunity to connect with the growing baby within, to being to understand the power of women and restoring birth to it sacred place.


It is also an opportunity to work with any fears or concerns round the pregnancy, labour and birth to achieve a more peaceful, natural birth.

The affirmations or mantras you pick will be specific to you and your journey.

Instruction on how to use your mala and a huge number of affirmations or mantras are included.


Message me the colour of the gemstone when your email your order so I know which mala you're after.

Mala Beads for Meditation