Breastfeeding - Empowering Parents By Dr Jack Newman
  • Breastfeeding - Empowering Parents By Dr Jack Newman

    Written by breastfeeding guru Dr Jack Newman, whom I am a fan of and who is totally lovely in real life as he is equally amazing with his wealth of breastfeeding knowledge.


    Dr Jack Newman shares his expertise and experience in this book of working at his Breastfeeding Clinic called The International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto as well as Africa and Northern Canada, of listening to mothers and their stories and answering over a hundred emails from mothers every day.


    His book is filled with his approaches to support breastfeeding as well as preventing and treating problems if they have already occurred. These approaches work because they have been tested for over 45 years of combined experience and with over 30,000 mothers and their babies.


    They are aimed at making breastfeeding work. This book covers questions which have stumped lactation consultants and doctors alike and which result in mothers frequently saying “We tried everything, but I just couldn’t breastfeed.”


    This usually means there was no one who could offer a real solution to a baby who was fussy, crying, rejecting the breast, not thriving and failing to gain weight or to sore nipples or the mother needing treatment.

    This is a great resource to have at home. 335 pages.


    We are lucky in Hawkes Bay to also have resources like The Baby Café and La Leche League leaders who also offer a wealth knowledge to help support you along your breastfeeding journey.

    La Leche League Hawkes Bay facebook page is here.

    For more information about The Baby Café see posts here.