5 in 1 Infant Cover - Banana Leaf
  • 5 in 1 Infant Cover - Banana Leaf

    5 in 1 Multi-Use

    - Breastfeeding/Infant Feeding Cover

    - Capsule Cover – protect baby from sunlight, wind, and unwanted onlookers (it fits most capsules).

    - Shopping cart cover

    - High chair cover


    Soft & breathable - The lightweight nature of organic cotton is known for its ability to breathe. The wide opening at the top ensures your capsule is not fully covered to allow safe airflow.

    4-way stretch - Makes it easy to fit most capsules, high chairs, shopping trolleys and breastfeeding. Easy access to see your baby while nursing.

    Protection - Protect your baby from all the elements in any season.

    Convenient - Folds compact for convenient storage.


    Material: 95% Cotton + 5% Spandex


    Dimensions: 672mm x 704mm x 341mm (approx).

    Weight: 147g 

    Care instructions: Cold machine wash on gentle. Tumble dry on low.

    Dry flat to maintain shape.


    Safety Note: 

    Do not leave baby unattended with cover. Keep away from heat sources. 

    Always remove cover from your capsule before placing it into a vehicle.

    Covers are lightweight and breathable, but it's important to monitor your baby to ensure they do not overheat in warm climates or during the hot summer months. 


    Always partially cover your capsule during hot weather to allow more airflow. Always ensure air can flow into capsule through the top opening of cover.